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“Bill Bailey and Julie Zahner Bailey have been committed to environmental education and the betterment of our community for well over 22 years. Their long term volunteer efforts are evidence of their commitment and care for the community, our youth and the future of northwest Fulton, now Milton, Georgia.  Please join them as they continue to work as volunteers each and everyday to make this the best place it can be.   One great way to make a difference in the community is to join them for another great Rivers Alive experience as they help young and old alike clean up our waterways, have some fun along the way and ensure cleaner water for future generations”.

More Information regarding River's Alive can be found by clicking here.

At Bailey Farm & Gardens, we believe in strongly supporting our local community -- so we've done a great deal of work with these deserving schools and civic organizations:


Crabapple Crossing Elementary: As a formal community partner of this school, Bailey Farm & Gardens managed the installation and maintenance of sod, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and annuals. We worked with the YMCA, school administration and the PTA on the creation of a new recreation field for the school. Bill Bailey served on the PTA board as Chairperson for Grounds/Landscaping for several years, and Bill and Julie both served as Environmental Co-chairs.  Bailey Farm and Gardens also have been an active participant and official sponsor of the annual Fall Festival and various Family Fun nights including Family Western Night and Family Bingo.

Environmental Education activities with CCE have included Bailey Farm & Gardens teaming up with Crabapple Crossing students and their families, the Little River Valley Association and the Birmingham Hopewell Alliance in the past to help sponsor a "Rivers Alive" clean up of the wetlands area along Hopewell Road at Chicken Creek in northwest Fulton County prior to becoming the City of Milton.  In more recernt years, their sponsorships have expanded to include the City of Milton and the officially sanctioned Milton Grows Green Committee. We also engaged the students, families and scout troops in stenciling storm drains in local neighborhoods with the message: This drains directly to a stream. These stencils help educate community members about storm water runoff.

This initiative and others have helped to educate Crabapple Crossing students and those from Cogburn Elementary, Hopewell Middle School, Northwestern Middle School, Summit Hill Elementary, Birmingham Falls Elementary, Milton High School and their families about the local environment and how they can have a positive and direct impact on their local community.  "Rivers Alive" is a program of the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources. Its purpose is to make the public aware of the need for clean water for both man and the natural world.  The 2002-2003 year's theme, as an example, was "Clean Water -- Make it 's Future."  This hands-on environmental education opportunity helped teach young and old alike about the importance of taking care of our local wetlands and waterways.  The state theme changes each year.

Bailey Farm & Gardens also conducted environmental education classes for various classes of Crabapple Crossing, Summit Hill and others using wonderful hands-on teaching techniques and tools to engage the children and their active minds to better understand the importance of taking care of their world and their waterways. These classes and programs were expanded to multiple grades and classes at local schools.


Summit Hill Elementary: Bailey Farm & Gardens is an official community partner of this terrific school.  Bill Bailey also has served as the Environmental Education Chair for the SHE PTA as well as the Vice President of Curriculum.  Bill also served on the School Council as a business partner.  The commitment and involvement of Bailey Farm & Gardens with the school has included everything from being a knowledge resource to the provision of labor and expertise and the donation of plants and garden accessories for certain school functions.  Their extensive involvement includes annual Earth Week activities, Arbor Day festivities and teaching programs, multiple campus and habitat clean-ups, the installation of Bluebird Boxes, planting perennials, spring bulbs and annuals, removing trees from the nature trails to allow them to be utilized by the students to donating labor and expertise and more -- all in an effort to educate students, help beautify the school grounds, while also enhancing their outdoor classroom and the related educational activities.

This year, and for years to come, Bailey Farm & Gardens will be a knowledge and landscape resource as they help the school chart the course for even better uses of the Summit Hill outdoor classrooms and school grounds.  According to the Summit Hill PTA and prior environmental chairs, Bill Bailey’s extensive horticultural expertise will be invaluable in the ongoing creation and implementation of outdoor classes for all ages.  Bill continually meets with the school's PTA and curriculum specialists to establish short- and long-term goals for educational outreach programs.



Northwestern Middle: Bill Bailey has served on the Northwestern School Council.  As a formal community partner, Bailey Farm & Gardens has been involved in multiple projects at Northwestern working closely with the PTA and administration.  As an example, Bill managed the construction of Spindler Park at Northwestern Middle School which included a concrete patio & walkway, trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals for use by the faculty and students.   Spindler Park has become a favorite landing spot for the entire Northwestern school family.  

Working closely with the administration and PTA of Northwestern, Bailey Farm & Gardens has helped to enhance and expand its outdoor classroom and natural habitat areas.  Bailey Farm & Gardens also has been involved in numerous “Hands on Atlanta ” volunteer days at Northwestern contributing labor, expertise and plant materials on multiple projects.  

The goal is to create a higher and better use of the school grounds and natural habitats that exist today for the benefit of the children.  Many opportunities exist to enhance and link the outdoors with proactive learning opportunities in the areas of earth science, the environment and ecology with the middle school student population.

Bill Bailey also provided consultation to Dr. Oprey regarding the enhanced ropes course helping to make the ropes course a reality. 



Milton High School: Bailey Farm & Gardens has a formal community partnership with Milton High School and has been working closely with the school's administration, staff and PTA to enhance the school grounds and property while also developing environmental education opportunities with the students.   Projects have included consultation with administration and the Board of Education regarding the landscape of the school, both pre- and post construction, as well as enhancements to the school property for athletic fields.  Most recently, Bailey Farm & Gardens has helped to enhance and clean-up the Cross Country trails. This work is on-going with one goal being to balance the needs of the school and athletics programs with the needs of adjacent property owners to screen certain of the school’s activities all the while helping to enhance the aesthetics of the campus and surrounding properties.

Roswell Presbyterian Church: As an active member of the Roswell Presbyterian Church, Bailey Farm & Gardens has donated and installed hellebore plants for the new church grounds; renovated the preschool and youth playground; and has been actively engaged in the education of the youth of Roswell Presbyterian Church.

Birmingham United Methodist Church: Bailey Farm & Gardens has been supportive of the expansion of the church in the Birmingham community. We have assisted in the removal of certain fencing from the church grounds as they prepared for improvements to their landscape while also working to improve their athletic field. We look forward to assisting the congregation in enhancing their grounds and natural habitat areas further as plans continue to unfold.

Other Groups
Hopewell Youth Association: As a prior coach, team Mom and historically active members of the Hopewell Youth Association, Bill and Julie Bailey have been strong supporters of this youth program and the association over the years.  Bailey Farm & Gardens has participated in their annual fund raiser and helped install new batting cages for the youth of northwest Fulton County and beyond.

The Birmingham Hopewell Alliance:  As active members since its inception, Bill and Julie Bailey have helped preserve the community and the quality of life for northwest Fulton county citizens through appropriate land use prior to the area becoming incorporated. We have been committed to the group's mission of appropriate land use for northwest Fulton and beyond and to proactive communication and education with the community at large.  Prior to being elected to the City of Milton Council, Julie served as a board member and the volunteer Executive Director of this community-centric, non-profit organization. 

Little River Valley Association: Bill and Julie Bailey are active members of the Little River Valley Association. This group's mission is to protect the waterways of the Coosa River basin and to educate youth and adults regarding the importance of protecting our waterways. Bailey Farm & Gardens has teamed up with the Little River Valley Association, the Birmingham Hopewell Alliance, Crabapple Crossing and Summit Hill Elementary students and their families to sponsor various "Rivers Alive" clean ups in northwest Fulton, now the City of Milton. We also engaged students, families and scout troops in stenciling storm drains in local neighborhoods with the message: This drains directly to a stream. These stencils help educate community members about storm water runoff.  Bailey Farm & Gardens hosts annual Rivers Alive events cleaning up local waterways, local parkland and more.

These initiatives and others help to educate students and families about the local environment. "River's Alive" is a program of the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources. Its purpose is to make the public aware of the need for clean water for both man and the natural world.  These hands-on environmental education opportunities helped teach young and old alike about the importance of taking care of our local wetlands and waterways.

As Bailey Farm & Gardens is positioned directly on Little River, we are officially engaging in the “Adopt-a-stream” program.  We also will be participating in the water monitoring program helping to promote clean water for generations to come.  More recently, we have been the local site for Adopt-A-Stream training. 


The Georgia Native Plant Society: As a lifetime member, Bill Bailey has participated in the rescue of native rare plants, donated trillium for their annual fundraiser and proactively supported their efforts.



The Master Gardener Program: As a supporter of the mission of the Fulton County Extension Services Master Gardener program, Bailey Farm & Gardens also have donated specialty plants and other plant materials to this initiative.  Bill Bailey is a Master Gardener and contributes volunteer hours and expertise to a multitude of initiatives throughout the year including being a featured speaker at events, leading teaching programs for students at various Master Gardener sponsored events as well as being involved with the Junior Master Gardeners program at certain area schools.  Bill was selected from a field of nearly 100 applicants to participate in the coveted Master Gardner program, in partnership with the University of Georgia , as a member of the class of 2003.

Links Links to Environmentally Friendly Organizations We Support:

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Master Gardeners:

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